Second Day of Ford’s Favorites – Fried Lobstah Tails

For the Second Day of Ford’s Favorites, we’re highlighting Fried Lobstah Tails. Today, we’ll share some of the history behind this item and what makes it so special to Ford’s Fish Shack.

From Chef Tony

The Fried Lobstah Tails is one of the original menu items from our opening. It is widely popular and we have served over 128,600 Lobstah Tails since 2010. The inspiration for this dish started back in 1980s in Atlanta, Georgia, of all places.

A good friend of mine, Bill Jackson, served them at a popular restaurant down there. When Bill and I worked together years ago, we brought it to the menu at Artie’s in Fairfax. When I opened Ford’s in 2010, I knew this dish had to be part of the menu. It was a way for me to honor my late friend Bill and it fit perfectly with our New England themed menu.

Fast forward eight years and it is one of most popular dishes. You can even add a Lobstah Tail to your other favorite dishes. I use only cold-water tails that we get packed especially for Ford’s by one of our friends up north.


12 Days of Ford’s Favorites

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