At Ford’s Fish Shack, we value and look for talented people who thrive on making dining a special experience for our guests. Hard working and cheerful people are key to our continued success and growth.

The overall opportunities we provide include FOH managerBOH manager, Server, HostFood runningBartender and Catering Sales.

To apply to join our team, please visit us in person Monday-Thursday between 2-4 pm with a completed application (pdf) or fill in and submit the online application below:

Team Member Spotlight

Meet Felix – Chef at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn
Felix has been with Ford’s Fish Shack for over seven years and is an integral member of the culinary team. Felix is involved with everything from ensuring food quality to overseeing culinary operations.His favorite Ford’s dish to prepare is the Fish of the Day. “I like it because it’s different each day and I like the challenge of keeping the dish fresh and new for guests,” he said.When asked what makes a good leader, Felix believes it’s taking ownership of your actions. “When you are the chef, you must own your responsibilities because you lead by example,” he said.He also believes his role in the kitchen requires passion. “When you don’t have passion for what you do, it shows and your team and the guests can pick up on that.”As for this professional future, Felix plans to grow with Ford’s Fish Shack. “I love working at Ford’s. My goal is to grow as a person and as a chef and set a good example for the staff.”

Meet Joy – Bartender at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn
Joy joined Ford’s Fish Shack in 2011 as a bartender and has been with the team since nearly the beginning. Her eight years of experience allowed her the opportunity to help at the newly opened Lansdowne location in 2017.As a bartender she prepares many different drinks and cocktails, but her favorite is a Dark and Stormy. “It’s easy because people like it and I know it’s going to be a win,” she said. When Joy is not behind the bar at Ford’s Fish Shack, she loves to travel. She just returned from a trip to Scotland and Ireland in October, but her favorite country to visit is Italy. “The food and wine is amazing. I visited Rome to see the Vatican and enjoyed Florence for the history and art. I’d love to go again,” she said. Though Joy is into travelling, it seems there’s nothing quite like home. She shared with us her experience of ordering Fish & Chips in the U.K.: “I tried Fish & Chips two different times in Europe, once in London and once in Scotland, and I think the Fish & Chips at Ford’s Fish Shack is better than both of those! I think ours has more flavor.”

Meet Mike – Server at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn
Mike has been a member of the server team at Ford’s Fish Shack for over four years. He says his experience as a server allows him to help point new team members in the right direction. “I know the ins and outs of the job and can help out when needed.” He said his two favorite parts about working at Ford’s are the people he works and the regulars that he has gotten to know over his time as a server.His favorite Ford’s dish to enjoy is the Rocket Shrimp. “It has a bit of everything,” he said. “It’s a little spicy, a little sweet. And it’s easy to suggest to guests because it’s so good.
”When discussing the challenges of working in the hospitality industry, Mike believes managing food allergies is one of the most important aspects of any role in a restaurant “I’m always working to make sure any guest who has an allergy is well taken care of.” When he’s not working at Ford’s Fish Shack, Mike enjoys working out and going out to eat. He said seafood and steak restaurants are his favorites.

Meet Leslie – Administrative Assistant at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn
Leslie has been with the Ford’s team for over 2.5 years. In her role to support the operations staff, her favorite part is that no two days are the same and she’s always learning. She says this also means that when new challenges come up, it helps to keep her on her toes. Since her time at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn, she has noticed the growth in Loudoun County and the expansion that’s bringing more people to the area. She says that Ford’s continues to be a popular spot because the restaurant hosts fun events and also gives back to the community. “Tony is involved with several things in the community. He likes to create connections and that’s important,” she said. Leslie is proud to work with Ford’s Fish Shack. “The best thing is working with Tony and Ana who are so involved with each aspect of the business. That’s what has kept Ford’s on track all these years,” she believes. When she’s not working, Leslie enjoys spending time with her children. She has two boys, ages 5 and 2. She said, “I’m more of a homebody most of the time, but I like to take my kids out whenever I can so they can have fun.”

Meet Kristen – Administrative Assistant at Ford’s Fish Shack South Riding
Kristen joined the Ford’s Fish Shack team in March 2012. Her role at Ford’s has evolved through the years. She began her career as a host at Ford’s Fish Shack Ashburn. She was eager to learn and take on more responsibilities so she began helping the leadership team with administrative work. When the South Riding location opened in 2013, she began a part-time administrative assistant role there while still hosting. Eventually this evolved to her current role as administrative assistant at Ford’s Fish Shack South Riding. She feels this is a great example of Ford’s initiative to promote individuals from within the company. When asked about her favorites at Ford’s, she said it’s hard to pick, but she loves the Fantastic Lemonade when it’s made South Riding style, which means it’s frozen. Kristen is looking forward to continuing to learn and develop in her role. “Ford’s is constantly growing and as my knowledge grows, I can help facilitate new tasks and challenges as they come up.She enjoys working with the team at the South Riding location and her advice to new team members at Ford’s is to get to know everyone. She says, “When it’s a family, that’s the best!”
FOH Manager

Ford’s Fish Shack FOH Managers are passionate about the hospitality industry and focused on creating amazing guest experiences through our food service. The FOH Manager oversees shift operations at Ford’s Fish Shack, manages staff schedules, and ensures each guest they connect with has an outstanding dining experience.

BOH Manager

BOH Managers are hardworking individuals who are responsible for the overall operations for the back of house and kitchen at Ford’s Fish Shack. Job responsibilities include hiring and training staff, purchasing food, and ensuring the highest food preparation, sanitation, and kitchen safety standards.


Ford’s Fish Shack servers are talented people who thrive on making dining a special experience for our guests. Servers provide outstanding customer service and hospitality from the start of a guest’s dining experience all the way to the end. Duties include accurately taking guests’ orders, entering orders into our point-of-sales system, processing payment, and working as a member of team.


Ford’s Fish Shack hosts are the first point of contact with our guests. Our hosts are friendly and enthusiastic about welcoming guests and ensuring their dining experience exceeds their expectations. Responsibilities include greeting guests, showing guests to their seats, presenting menus, and giving a fond farewell to each and every guest.

Food Runner

The Food Runners at Ford’s Fish Shack hold a critical position as support to the servers and kitchen staff. They not only deliver food orders accurately and quickly, but also ensure an outstanding dining experience for every guest.


Ford’s Fish Shack bartenders create a warm and welcoming environment for our guests. Bartenders provide excellent hospitality and customer service to all of our guests, while preparing our signature cocktails, and serving beer and wine. Since a number of our guests enjoy dining at the bar as well as enjoying drinks, our bartenders have full knowledge of our menus and are able to quickly and accurately take orders, enter them into our point-of-sales system, and process payment as well.

Catering Sales Manager

Catering Sales Managers work with our Ford’s Wicked Catering team to help create fresh-off-the-hook events by providing exemplary food, service, and hospitality to our clients. Responsibilities include building and increasing sales for Ford’s Wicked Catering by cultivating new leads, developing relationships with clients, and assisting in all aspects of catering jobs, from initial outreach to delivery and ensuring client satisfaction.

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- Ford’s Fish Shack is a smoke-free work environment

- Ford’s Fish Shack currently does not have positions open for seasonal employment.

- If applying for a server position, you must be at least 21 years of age.

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