Ford's Fish Shack Featured in Loudouner Magazine

Ford’s Fish Shack Featured in Loudouner Magazine

WeFord's Fish Shack Featured in Loudouner Magazine ‘re honored to be featured in the Summer 2017 issue of Loudouner, a special publication from the Loudoun Times Mirror!

A few excerpts:

If local foodies are at all familiar with the Ford’s Fish Shack menu – freshest fish, interesting compositions, generous portions – they will welcome the opening of the third member in this family-owned business. Where? Right off Rt. 7, just east of Leesburg in the Lansdowne Town Center. It’s an occasion to rejoice: fish, fish and more fish.

As if the seafood-dense menu were not enough to set the scene, the decor underscored that this must be a fisherman’s hangout. Lobster trap buoys line the top section of the walls, a lobster pot hangs on one of the walls and the hanging lights have a distinctly nautical look. Even the slate blue walls lend a seaside feel to the restaurant. When all is said and done, the best comments to make are, “Welcome, Ford’s!”

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