Tenth Day of Ford’s Christmas – Crab Cakes

On the Tenth Day of Ford’s Christmas, Chef Tony shares his recipe for Crab Cakes and what sets Ford’s Crab Cakes apart.

From Chef Tony

Since we are located close to the mid-Atlantic sea, everyone around here has to have a crab cake on their menu. What sets Ford’s Crab Cake apart from the rest is the ratio of jumbo lump to back fin that I use in the recipe. Our crab cakes are made with two parts jumbo lump crab meat and one part back fin meat. The majority of the crab meat in the cakes is jumbo lump.

As for the flavor, I developed the recipe to include Old Bay (that’s a given when serving crab in this region), dry mustard, and a bit of cayenne for a kick. Not many people know this, but for the texture, I add a bit of pureed, sautéed onion. They actually act as a binder so I don’t have to add too much breadcrumb.

Our culinary team takes great care when preparing the crab cakes. You have to be gentle when handling crab meat. The goal is to keep the jumbo lumps of crab meat whole and together.

When we first opened Ford’s, Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post reviewed our Ashburn location and I think he describes our crab cakes well, “The best advice I can give boils down to two words: crab cakes. Ford’s model is mostly lump crab, seemingly held together by determination.”

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