Eighth Day of Ford’s Christmas – Fish & Chips

We’re featuring a classic for the Eighth Day of Ford’s Christmas: Fish & Chips! Read below to learn the secret to how Chef Tony gets that crispy, crunchy crust on the fish and what makes a great Fish & Chips.

From Chef Tony

Fish & Chips are our number one seller. We serve over 100,000 orders of Fish & Chips every year. Our culinary team hand fillets the cod daily and makes the batter from scratch using Narragansett Beer (a Rhode Island favorite).

Fish & Chips are on just about every restaurant menu, but they must be prepared properly. The trick is that the batter has to be ice cold. We take the hand-cut fish and dip it in the ice-cold batter and then place it into the hot oil. When the temperature is perfect, once in the oil, the batter creates a layer of crispy coating around the fish. Then, the moisture inside the fish turns to steam, which steams the fish until it’s cooked. So the fish is not actually fried. The batter is fried, but the fish itself is steamed, which helps to keep it moist and tender.

How can you tell you’ve got a great Fish & Chips? The batter will let you know. If it’s very crispy and cracks cleanly, it’s made properly. You never want the batter to be doughy.

12 Days of Ford’s Christmas

Introducing the 12 Days of Ford’s Christmas! Each day, we will feature one of our menu items on our website and share some behind-the-scenes information about the item. You’ll learn the story behind these dishes, where and how we source ingredients, how some of the menu items got their names, and much more!

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