Ford’s gives back

Last year (2018) Ford’s Fish Shack donated over $300,000 to organizations working to end hunger in our community, provide conservation efforts, initiate seafood and oyster recovery programs, and support local law enforcement, fire departments, EMTs, and educators in need of sponsorship or low-cost high-quality food catering. If your organization is located in the greater Metropolitan Washington area and is looking for a local partner, fill out the form below.

Let’s Dive In

Ford’s Fish Shack is committed to supporting and strengthening our community, and we are pleased to receive your application for our sponsorship. Ford’s Fish Shack donates. Please note the regulations below:

  • A minimum of four weeks is required to process requests.
  • Each Event and/or Organization is limited to one donation per 12-month period.
  • Organizations must be a registered chapter with tax-exempt status in order to receive a donation.
  • We are unable to donate to organizations that are affiliated with any political, religious or ethics groups. In addition, Ford’s Fish Shack is not able to donate to third-party funding groups or for-profit businesses.

Ford’s Fish Shack is committed to supporting and strengthening our community. Our team does our best to consider as many requests as possible; however, we may not be able to accommodate all. We appreciate your understanding.