Ford’s Fish Shack August 2018 Happenings

Lobstalicious 2018, Ford’s Wines, Crabs To Go, and More…

Lobstalicious 2018 is Here!

Through the month of September, we’re featuring a 1.25 Lb Whole Steamed Lobstah Dinner for $25. Even better, through September 30, Ford’s Fish Shack will donate $1 for every Lobstah Dinner sold to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry national campaign.

Celebrate The End of Summer With A Crab Fest

Hard shell crabs are available for pickup on Friday, August 31. $40 for one dozen, $130 for a half bushel, and $250 for a full bushel. These are male No. 1 blue crabs from Upper East Shore Maryland. Call to order: (571) 918-4092

Dessert Just Got Sweeter

Ford’s Fish Shack is partnering with Share Our Strength to support its mission to end childhood hunger. Through the month of September, we will donate $.50 for every dessert sold to the No Kid Hungry national campaign.

Introducing Ford’s Fish Shack Wines

We have partnered with Rutherford Wine Company to create our own line of Ford’s wines!

We chose to collaborate with Rutherford Wine Company as it is a Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) winery. Sustainability helps to ensure long-term health of the entire ecosystem by promoting and maintaining the biodiversity of plants and animals and conservation of natural resources.

Available Exclusively On Our Happy Hour Menu

Ford’s Fish Shack is committed to ethically sourcing the finest and most fresh ingredients for our restaurants. This partnership with Rutherford Wine Company allows us to continue this standard with our new wine products.

Our wines include Ford’s Fish Shack Pinot Grigio, Ford’s Fish Shack Sauvignon Blanc, Ford’s Fish Shack Chardonnay, Ford’s Fish Shack Cabernet Sauvignon, and Ford’s Fish Shack Merlot.

Partner Profile – War Shore Oyster Company

Ford’s Fish Shack works with numerous vendors and suppliers including local fishermen and farmers. Without these partners we wouldn’t be able to provide fresh-off-the-hook food and service.

Each month, we spotlight one of our partners as a way to show our gratitude and help to share their mission. This month’s partner profile features War Shore Oyster Company.

About War Shore Oyster Company
Founders and childhood friends Dave Svec and Brad Blymier started War Shore as a hobby oyster farm on the Chesapeake Bay in 2010. In the few short years since then, it’s become a rapidly growing, multi-million dollar shellfish sourcing and distribution company.

What Makes War Shore Oyster Company Special
Brad believes the success of War Shore is due to some key practices their team implements. To begin, War Shore is committed to ethical growing practices and sources oysters, lobstah, and shellfish only from trusted, vetted farmers and suppliers. The War Shore team settles for nothing less than the highest quality products. Last, Brad and Dave work to forage strong relationships with local farmers, suppliers, and chefs in the area.

Why We Partner With War Shore Oyster Company
What drew our team to work with War Shore are the parallels in our core values. For example, War Shore’s mission is to “source and distribute the most exceptional and freshest shellfish products in the industry…” Similarly, Ford’s Fish Shack strives to serve fresh-off-the-hook seafood at our restaurants.

In addition, both War Shore and Ford’s Fish Shack support the Oyster Recovery Partnership through its Shell Recycling Alliance (SRA). Oyster shell is the best material to use to rebuild reefs, but it is a limited resource. The SRA reclaims shell from restaurants and seafood businesses. Every half shell collected by the SRA creates a new home for approximately 10 baby oysters in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.