Fourth Day of Ford’s Christmas – Blueberry Pie

We’re going sweet for the Fourth Day of Ford’s Christmas and featuring Blueberry Pie! Today, Chef Tony shares what makes Ford’s Fish Shack’s Blueberry Pie special

From Chef Tony

Blueberry pie is Maine. Besides lobstah, when you think of Maine, you think of a warm slice of blueberry pie with a big scoop of cold ice cream. When I was working on the recipe for Ford’s Fish Shack, I knew we had to use wild Maine blueberries. Most blueberries you get down here are these huge berries that have no taste.

Maine is known for its wild blueberries, which thrive in the northern climate. If you compare wild blueberries to mass harvested blueberries, you will find that wild blueberries have a more intense, sweet, and tangy taste. They are naturally smaller and more compact. All this leads to a more flavorful and traditional New England blueberry pie.

When we first opened Ford’s Fish Shack, it was a challenge to find the small wild Maine blueberries. After some research, we did eventually find a couple of New England farms that provide us berries for our Blueberry Pie.

Initially, Ford’s Fish Shack’s Blueberry Pie was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But about 4 years ago, Ana had the brilliant idea to change the vanilla ice cream to cinnamon ice cream, which compliments the pie much better. We believe the Blueberry Pie is a “Blue Ribbon Winner.”

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