Ford’s Fish Shack opening new location in Lansdowne

A Ford's Fish Shack is coming to Lansdowne Town Center, according to an announcement today from Saul Centers real estate group, which manages the center.The Lansdowne eatery will be the popular restaurant group's third location. The other two are in Ashburn and South Riding.“We've always wanted to be in the Lansdowne neighborhood,” Ford's owner Tony Stafford said on Facebook live. The new location is expected to open in April.Ford's touts itself as a "bustling maritime-themed sea... Read More

The Shack’s Team will be Rumbling June 4 in NYC!

Tasting Table’s 2015 Lobster Roll Rumble is set for June 4 at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion. 25 of the nation’s best Lobster Rolls. 1 Winner. You Choose. It’ll be Clawesome. Care to cheer us on? Tickets and Information available HERE!... Read More