Metro D.C. Winter Restaurant Week

Join us for Metro D.C. Winter Restaurant Week, January 13 - 19. All three Ford’s Fish Shack locations will offer a prix-fixe lunch menu for $21 per person and dinner menu for $35 per person. Reserve your table today!

Twelfth Day of Ford’s Favorites – White Chocolate Bread Pudding

We’re going sweet for the Twelfth Day of Ford’s Favorites and featuring White Chocolate Bread Pudding. Today, Chef Tony explains which ingredients are used to create this seasonal dessert. From Chef TonyWhite Chocolate Bread Pudding is a favorite dessert in the...

Eleventh Day of Ford’s Favorites – Grand Mainer

For the Eleventh Day of Ford’s Favorites, we’re featuring our Grand Mainer. Today, Chef Tony explains what a Grand Mainer is and what goes into creating this fun roll with varying temperatures. From Chef Tony Ford’s Grand Mainer is a roll I created a few years ago...

Ford's Stemless Wine Glass

Ford's Stemless Wine Glass

Want to give your glass of wine the royal treatment it deserves? Then serve it in a Ford’s Fish Shack stemless wine glass. Elegantly etched with our logo and classic fish hook, without the frills of a stem. The perfect Ford’s Fish Shack wine lover gift!

For $6.00

Our elegant wine glasses are frequently purchased in sets of two and four, and are perfect for the wine and seafood lover in your life! These are also great for parties as their stemless design makes them more resistant to being knocked over in the hustle and bustle, and they clean up very easily as they are dishwasher safe.