We’re proud to serve a special oyster at Ford’s Fish Shack – the Wicked Pissah, which is grown and harvested exclusively for us at Nottingham Oyster Farm in Cherrystone Inlet, Virginia. It’s perfectly balanced, with a mild, sweet finish.

Virginia is the largest producer of fresh, farm-raised oysters on the East Coast, providing eight regions of distinctive flavor. Check out the Virginia Oyster Trail to learn more!

If you *really* love oysters, we also recommend downloading the Oystour app to learn more about great oyster experiences by location. It’s great for the newbie as well as the oyster connoisseur!

From the Oystour App:

The Wicked Pissah is an exclusive oyster for Ford’s Fish Shack in Virginia. The shells are a delightful golden hue with tiger-striping A fragrant, yet light scent of seagrass swirls. The meat fills the shell nicely, immersed in a subtle, sweet liquor. Lean and easy eating, be ready for a sublime sweetness hidden in the brine that kicks in nicely and fades gently through the finish.
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